Poop, Panic, and Totem Poles

Poop, Panic, and Totem Poles

Sam seems to be somewhat in the same place. He slept all night, aside from a wake up around 1am to pee, without the help of Benadryl. He walks with assistance, he wants to eat constantly, he gets sleepy but refuses to take a nap, and every few days he poops his pants. He also laughs at our jokes, talks to us (in a whisper, yet on the phone-he speaks), gives hugs, says, and “I love you too.”

After staying up late last night and talking about how shitty it is that Sam, “will never get to study music theory” (Ben’s words), the teens decided to miss periods 1 and 2 (English and Band for both) of school to spend the morning with Sam. The three of them sat on the couch and snuggled while Abby read to Sam, and I felt free to get dressed, wash dishes, and check my email. I suspect this will be a frequent pattern in future days, and doubt Ben and Abby will want to share Sam, so plan your visits for after 10am and before 3pm when you can.

Sam and I had visitors throughout the late morning and early afternoon. Chance went for walk (jog, run?) with two gorgeous ladies who are sisters at heart. Sam loved┬áthe company; he is never overwhelmed and I appreciate that everyone puts up with Chance’s barking and sniffing.

I am terribly proud of how Ben and Abby are learning to ask for what they need and think for themselves. Early this morning they both emailed the teachers whose classes they’d be missing. In fact, Abby went to see one teacher at lunch to find out what she missed. After school Ben decided to skip band practice to hang out with Sam. Once Sam went to bed, Ben worked on homework, and then walked (and talked, and cried) with me for an hour. Abby chose to go to band practice. I know that was hard for her because it wasn’t what Ben did, and she tends to follow him. During practice at the high school, about 4 miles from home, she heard sirens, panicked and sent me a text to see if Sam was ok. We have much to work on, I guess.

A totem from 2 years ago.

  • Trisha Oksner
    Posted at 23:34h, 29 August

    How can a heart swell and break at the same time? Thank you for your updates. I seriously stay up to read them.

    I heard the band play tonight as I was taking the garbage cans to the curb. I sent energy and thoughts to Ben & Abby, just in case they were playing over there (my Chakras have recently been aligned, you know, so I figured I had some energy to spare!)

    Tylenol PM also works for sleep. Glad the Benadryl has given some relief.

    Hug that little boy and his big sibs for me. I promise to wait until 10 at least before I text for a visit.