October 20

October 20

October 20. It shows up each year whether we want it to or not. The inexorable march of time—knowing no limits and showing no favoritism to its subjects—ensures we are afforded ample opportunities to reflect on the tragedy of Sam’s death.

It’s easy to feel the pain and magnitude of the loss; all too easy to suffer the mental and emotional anguish of losing a child so young. It’s easy to feel the burden of guilt being carried from knowing that we’re still here and he’s gone. It’s easy to feel sorry for ourselves.

I was reminded this year, however, by a note from my sister, that it’s also possible to see and feel something else. Sam’s death led to the birth of the Sam Jeffers Foundation—which works hard to help ensure future Sam’s will have a different outcome.

Sam’s Foundation—like the proverbial Phoenix arising from the ashes—helps us cope with the tragedy and allows us to march forward hand-in-hand with time to try to do something good. The legacy that Sam has left stands firm in the face of adversity and shines like a beacon to offer hope of a brighter future for children diagnosed with cancer.

We know all too well that what happened to Sam can befall any of us—child or adult–at any time. We also believe that an important part of the solution is allocating more resources to childhood cancer research. We believe that money spent on childhood cancer research trickles up to also benefit adults with cancer. It’s a win-win situation and part of a virtuous circle that can lead to safer, more effective treatments for everyone.

Sam’s death serves as a constant reminder that we can do better for children who need our help—in turn making us all winners in the end.

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