Eliana Nunley explains how Gold Day started!!

Below is a video made by our friends, who generously donated lots of their time and huge talents to produce a short video inspired by a game played by Sam and his dad.  This is just one “skit” of hundreds that Sam and his dad played out together over the years.  One of Sam’s wishes before he died was to “see Cow come alive”.  This was our attempt to make Sam’s wish come true.  Cow (voice played by Sam’s dad) always got in lots of trouble when he and Sam (voice played by Alec Zebert) played together in real life.  Sam got to watch this video just weeks before he died.  Sam’s hardy laugh and the smile on his face while watching the video said it all, and gave us great comfort…..We hope you enjoy it as much as Sam did.

This beautiful video and song below was written and performed by our dear and incredibly talented friend Chris Beland.  Chris was approached by another friend of ours, cancer survivor Heather McKenna, about writing a song for Sammy. She emailed Chris a beautiful poem about Sam with some details about his life–hobbies and such. Feeling inspired, Chris wrote this song in one night, while Sam was still alive and fighting his brain cancer.  Chris and friends Ryan Jenkins and Josh Cody came to our house and played it for us in our living room for the first time. The video was made by talented videographer Cameron Ingalls.  We are so grateful to all for giving their time and resources freely.