About Us

Our Mission

To Fund research, clinical trials and other medical and scientific projects targeted at developing cures for childhood cancer; to assist generally families of children with cancer on the Central Coast.


We fund childhood cancer research under the belief that money spent on adult cancer research seldom trickles down to benefit children because their needs are different than adults; but money spent on childhood cancer research can and does “trickle up” to benefit adults. When we fund childhood cancer research we are in fact funding adult medical research as well.


  To significantly raise awareness of and funding for childhood cancer in the belief that Awareness=Funding=Research=Cure


Building a network of well-informed community members whose combined efforts will drive additional funding for childhood cancer; making childhood cancer a recognized priority for politicians, business and community leaders.

Tactics (Day-to-day Activities)

Meeting with leading hospitals, doctors and clinics across the nation and overseas to pinpoint the current needs for childhood cancer research, clinical trials, additional therapies, medicines, supportive care, etc.; assessing the current status of gaps between available resources and need involving certain less common types of childhood cancer; establish, organize, promote and run various community fund raising and information events aimed at raising awareness and dollars to find a cure for childhood cancers.