It’s a Small World, After All

It’s a Small World, After All

Sam had such a busy day. After waking a 3:30 to pee he couldn’t get back to sleep. He’s such a good sport. He stays in bed and relatively quiet (only asking every 15 minutes if it’s time to get up) for a couple of hours. Then we’re up for the day. Except today, like yesterday, by the time he’s finished breakfast he’s sleepy. So, he had a nap. When he woke up from his nap he said, “I want Chef Jacob to come visit.”

Chef Jacob is the executive chef at Lido. A few weeks ago Sam got to cook pizza, soup, and chocolate chip cookies with Chef Jacob in a penthouse at Dolphin Bay for friends and family. Sam just lit up that night in a way I thought he couldn’t anymore. I told Sam that Chef Jacob was probably too busy to come see us, but sure, I’d email him.

Then we had visitors! Sam gets up for visitors (and food). Mrs. Harlan brought me coffee and Mrs. Hickey brought Nanu Eggs. I think my mom came over too. I’ve lost track. What the hell day is it, anyway? Sam had a fruit salad, and another nap.

Today was starting to look like yesterday. I was afraid he would sleep all day. You know what that means, right? Once he mostly sleeps his days away it’s over. So when he’s tired, so tired he’s asleep sitting up, I want to tell him it’s ok to sleep. But that’s kinda like telling him its ok to die. It’s not ok. He needs to stay here as long as he can.

Then the coolest thing happened. First of all, Sam woke up. He requested bubble blowing in the backyard. While we were there he wanted avocados from the neighbors avocado tree (it hangs over the fence a bit), and apples from the apple tree. Then John came outside to tell us that Chef Jacob had emailed us back. He was coming over for lunch and bringing pizza!

Well there was no more sleeping today. Don’t get me wrong, he needed a nap, but wanted to stay awake for Chef Jacob. Chef Jacob brought Ranch/BBQ Sauce/Chicken/Bacon/Carmelized Leek Pizza  and we reciprocated with cookies.

We also enjoyed the company of our friend Rachelle and her boys, and we pressed handprints into clay-Sam’s and ours, and even a Chance paw. It was precious and fun.

Then things got kind of crazy. My parents arrived, so did Rabbi Linda…I’m not sure in what order…to bring in Shabbat. Sam was not overwhelmed by, what to me is, a house full of people. And a barking dog that gets way too into sniffing-there.

Rachelle had to go, and Jacob was piecing things together: “I saw the mezuzah on your door frame. Then your mom brought in a challah. Now there’s a rabbi. So, your Jewish?” “Yes.” “So am I.” Wow.

It’s like the world is caving in on me in good and bad ways all at once.

Jacob, the Jewish chef, couldn’t stay for Shabbat. He had to get back to the restaurant. It’s Friday night, after all.

Sam directed Rabbi Linda through her service: yes to this song, no to that one, no more songs-time for candles, imaginary grape juice, and challah (cause Mom promised after Shabbat there would be more pizza).

And the guests kept coming. Mrs. Ehrler brought flowers, fruits and veggies from Jerry at Rutiz Family Farm, and Mrs. Medina brought Pasta alla Formiana (duh, Giada) and chocolate cake. By the time we got to the cake (at 6:15) Sam’s eyes were basically closed.

You might be thinking we overdid it. I know we overdid it. But I’m trying to squeeze a lifetime in here. A lifetime.

As promised, the King of the Jungle-have never seen Chance so freaked out.

  • Trisha Oksner
    Posted at 06:34h, 24 August

    I felt so bad we weren't able to make it for Shabbat, but it sounds like you had enough people without the Oksners piling on. 🙂 So thrilled that Sam rallied like that.

    So, is there a back story with the King of the Jungle? And will he join the existing Royal Court on Sam's table, or….?