It was a newsy kinda day.

It was a newsy kinda day.

The article in the Santa Maria Times by Lauren Foreman about Sam was pretty good. I think it brought the right kind of attention to the lack of funding and the realities of childhood cancer for the patients and their families. There were some minor inaccuracies, but basically she got it right. You can read the article here. She also wrote an article about the fundraiser my friends have organized. Their initial goal of $2500 has been met so they raised the bar to $3000. Met that. Raised the goal yet again to $3700. If you want to make a donation to help fund research into a cure for childhood cancer please go here.

Did you know, The Many Adventures of Cow and Kid has already received an award? It’s true. Two of the stars of the show, Cow and Pig, were even on hand for a photo op.

And tonight’s dinner was Rigatoni with Vegetable Bolognese. Or as I like to call it, because I can only say, “Bolognese,” in my head, Rigatoni Baloney.

The new nighttime Sammy pee pee security system: wind chimes, baby monitor, and safety rail. Dog willing, I will walk tonight.

And Sam? Sam enjoyed the cow movie, again. The award made Sam smile. Sam had leftover Tomato-Basil Pizza for lunch and Rigatoni Baloney for dinner so he was a happy guy. And that’s all that matters.

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