Gold is always in fashion

Gold is always in fashion

My shirt for tomorrow, October 1st (

As September draws to a close I’ve been fielding questions about the color gold. Should we still wear it? Should I pack it away until next September? Um…No! Keep wearing your gold, your “Follow Me” shirts, and your lemon shirts. And keep explaining to people why you wear gold. Keep telling them that childhood cancer does not get enough funding (4%? WTF?), it’s not rare (1 in 330 means there’s at least one kid at your local elementary school who’s had, has, or will have cancer), and that kids are not mini adults when it comes to cancer or cancer treatment.

So starting tomorrow, October 1st, I will be wearing gold, I will be talking about the unsettling statistics surrounding childhood cancer, I will be planning more fundraisers with the lemonade moms for childhood cancer research, and I will be loving and caring for Sam.

Sam continues to love animals, being read to, Giada de Laurentiis, watching TV, potty humor, going for walks, and eating good food.
I’m sure we were talking about farts

P.S. You can still get in on the Lemonade action by donating here.

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