Gold Day

What is Gold Day?

Gold Day is a way for your child’s school to help bring awareness and funding to the problem of childhood cancer. Gold Day was initiated by Eliana Nunley, herself a leukemia survivor. Eliana befriended Sammy Jeffers and would go to his house to read to him while he was dying from a brain tumor in 2013. That experience, combined with her own, inspired Eliana to want to do something at her school during September, which is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. She did so in 2015, and Gold Day has grown every year since!

How can I participate?

It’s easy! It can be as simple as encouraging students and staff to wear gold on the last Friday of September to as elaborate as you want. Please click here for some ideas that other schools have done that are both effective and FUN!

What good does it do?

In addition to raising awareness of childhood cancer, many schools have a fundraising component to their Gold Day celebrations. Gold Day has to date brought in well over $50,000 for the Sam Jeffers Foundation, who uses that money to support local programs for children with cancer and to fund critical research projects designed to find a cure for the many types of childhood cancer that exist. We believe that AWARENESS = FUNDING = RESEARCH = CURES and Gold Day is a classic example of that successful formula in action!

Gold Day Events