At least we got to see the llamas. Or maybe they were alpacas.

At least we got to see the llamas. Or maybe they were alpacas.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Sammy bounced back a little today. This morning he was just a little more bright and shiny. We even made an outing to the Avila Valley Barn to see the animals, and buy some produce and baked goods. There was even a heifer named Abby. I think Sam had some fun, but unfortunately as soon as we got home he threw up. So I’m thinking that my experience two mornings ago with vertigo, nausea and vomiting was a simple stomach virus. And now Sammy’s got it. Thankfully it was pretty mild for me, so hopefully it’s the same for him.

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

Sam awoke at 4AM asking if it was tme to get up and start our day. I gave him Benadryl hoping that would buy us another couple of hours of sleep, but it was not to be. He was up at 5AM, 5:45AM, 6AM, asking if NOW we could get up, and like a kid I begged for us just to remain in bed until my 6:10 alarm. Just 10 more minutes, please?

So we got out of bed at 6:10 and went about taking vitamins and anti-seizure meds, and drinking hot cocoa. At 7AM Sam asked to please go back to sleep, in his bed. I was relieved and concerned by his request, because you know I’m exhausted, but you also know what sleep means. When we got back to the bedroom and into bed, he threw up his hot cocoa (and possibly the anti-seizure meds?). Kinda goes with the feeling sleepy if this is indeed a stomach virus. We got cleaned up and went to sleep til 8:30.

He stayed awake for all of half an hour and has been mostly sleeping since. It’s now 11:45. I’m worried. Is this a virus, or is it the tumor? Should he have more anti-seizure to replace what he threw up? He hasn’t had his steroids yet today. Do I risk giving him that? Steroids are known to cause upset tummies and we’ve already got that.


Sam is up. He’s had some jello. He’s asking if he can have some of his leftover Mc Flurry. And he’s asking for a story. Sounds good to me. I just wish he could stay awake to enjoy these things.

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