A non-update update, some gratitude, and a shameless plug.

A non-update update, some gratitude, and a shameless plug.

Since the most recent edition of the poorly fitting suit, not much has changed. We increased Sam’s steroids a bit to see if we could get him back a little and I think it kinda worked. He’s a little more interested in us again, as evidenced by his returned desire to pick up kids from school and go out for frozen yogurt. He’s a little more steady when standing, and can do a little more of the work when he walks.

On the downside, there were a couple of bathroom accidents today. That’s the nice way to say it, “bathroom.” But see one of the accidents happened in the bed, so yeah, he wet the bed. Are diapers next?

He still laughs at our jokes. Potty humor works best. Today one of our visitors elicited a laugh with armpit farts. Haven’t heard or seen that since about 1980.

It’s been weeks since he said, “I love you.”

Have you heard about Dance in Gold? Well, you missed it. it was today. I hear there was a great turn out and almost $800 was raised for Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation. The amazing team of Danya Nunley, Stephen Patrick, Todd LeMay, Victoria Chase, and Jesse Marquez decorated the room, alerted the media, and taught the class. Danya’s daughter, Eliana, a fifth grader and cancer survivor, took the lead for a song. She’s one talented and powerful child. Not surprising, knowing her momma.

Have you heard about Lemonade and Love for Sam? It’s a fundraising event for pediatric cancer research happening this Friday at our neighborhood school-the school Sam attended. It’s impressive what this group of moms has put together. They’re not just selling lemonade. There will also be bracelets, tshirts, baked goods, and a raffle for gift cards. They are working their butts off, so if you’re in the area, please come. If you’re not local, donate here.

  • Danya Nunley
    Posted at 22:09h, 23 September

    Ellie will be really pleased when I show her this. Thanks for your kind words. Lots of love and emotion in the room for Sammy and your family. It felt good to channel it into something constructive. Hopefully you felt the love from across town. 🙂 Sammy's song at the end…a very special song for a very special boy.