A Good Day in Cancerland

A Good Day in Cancerland

So, where are we tonight? Pretty much the same place we were yesterday and the day before, I think. Just another day in Cancerland.

We eat. We watch T.V. We walk. We sit in the yard. We cook. We visit. We go to the store.

So, I guess where we are is at the end of a good day in Cancerland.

It just happens to be the end of the last day of the event Run for the White House for Childhood Cancer Awareness, and the end of the first day of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

For months now I’ve been distracting myself with promoting the event, inviting my friends, answering their questions, and “liking” their posts. It’s given me comfort to read their posts about the miles they’ve run (or walked, or whatever) in the far-off places they ran them. Now that the event is over where will I find that comfort? I’m hoping we can continue to log miles for Sam. There are two places to do it: Run for the White House for Childhood Cancer Awareness community page, and Sammy Rulz, Cancer Droolz. Starting tonight I am promoting those groups, inviting my friends, and liking their posts.

Now about Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, how do we recognize and promote that? I started by putting in a yellow (almost gold) porch light, and asking my friends to do the same. I guess I could paint my nails gold. What good does that do? If I don’t connect the dots for people by explaining why I’ve gone gold, it does no good. Should I put a sign in my front yard? Have a special hoodie made just for wearing every day this month? Maybe there are some ideas on Pinterest.

There’s some stuff you can do here.

Blogger out. Time for bed, Erin.

  • Mindi Finch
    Posted at 22:53h, 03 September

    Thank you so very much for sharing my childhood cancer action list. People are listening.

    Sending love….. <3