A different kind of package

A different kind of package

Back in the good old days when I would hear the UPS truck pull up in front of our house, I couldn’t help but feel a small surge of excited hopefulness. Lately, though the packages have been related to Sam’s death-sympathy gifts, flowers-so I’m less excited. Today I felt that old familiar feeling at the sound of the unwieldy truck outside our home. Not so much excited anymore, but still hopeful for a sign of compassion.

Boy was I wrong.

The package was merely an envelope. The envelope was addressed to John-“Work,” I thought. I squinted at the return address in fine print: Los Osos Valley Mortuary.


I pulled back the tab on the envelope a couple of inches and saw the familiar pattern of a county certificate. I didn’t have to open the envelope the rest of the way. I have several county certificates in my possession-a marriage certificate, 3 birth certificates.

Sam’s death certificate has arrived. It stays in the envelope. I don’t need to see it. I don’t need it.

Please go to the Sam’s blog and show that family some love. Superman Sam’s AML is back. It’s not good. Another family is at the end of the road. I am so sad. http://supermansamuel.blogspot.com/2013/11/520-days-later.html

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