The Collected Poems of John Jeffers

Almost immediately after Sam died a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions stirred inside of me.  One day, sitting in a chair feeling sorry for myself, a stream of words popped into my head.  I jotted them down on a piece of paper, and as soon as I was done writing the first couple sentences, more words kept coming.  As strange as it sounds, each poem below was written this same way.  I don’t feel as though I wrote the poems at all—they more or less just came out of me.   I do not claim to be a poet—I know absolutely nothing about poetry.  For those who do, I suspect that fact will be painfully obvious.   All I know is how I was feeling in the days and weeks following Sam’s death, and these poems are really just a “stream of consciousness” borne of those feelings.  Perhaps they will also stir something in you.
– John


A Thousand Times I Have Failed
Call of the Lark
Candle on the Mantle
Clinging to a Tightrope
Dragons in the Dungeon
Four Legs and No Arms On a Watchtower
Golden Flowers Sway
When Life Knocks at Your Door
Memories Float By
Might There Be a Place?
On a Starry Eve I Walked
Faith Rounds the Corner
The Secret
The Grand Plan
Tomorrow Never Came
Where Dreams Once Stood
There Comes a Time
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